Website Re-Design / Interactive Prototype


Suzanne Collins is the famous author of The Hunger Games and her current website needs to be refreshed and re-designed with user's needs in mind. The goal was to conduct usbaility testing and a heurisitc evaluation to define areas of improvement.


Create a fresh brand identity and incorporate into an intuitive and user friendly wesbite. Design an interactive prototype to demonstrate potetntial changes.


Conduct usability testing and define target audience needs and areas of frustration.

Complete heurisitc evaluation to establish current site's overall usability.

Define and target areas of need and re-design website according to data.


Adobe XD | Adobe InDesign

Final Suzanne Collins website redesign
Final Website Re-Design

The final output of the website re-design is in the form of an interactive prototype. The interactive prototype can be visited here.

Tools: Adobe XD

Suzanne Collins website re-design suer comments
Usability Testing

Usbaility testing was conducted and these are some of the comments from users about areas of frustration or confusion.

Suzanne Collins website re-design low-fidelity wireframes
Low-Fidelity Wireframes

After usability testing was conducted, low-fidelity wireframes were mocked up to target issues.

Interactive Prototype (Try Me!)

Tools: Adobe XD