Animation / Design


An updated lower-thirds that is engaging, bold, and up-beat for the Philadelphia Eagles.


Design and animate an engaging lower-thirds using Adobe After Effects.

The end result of this project is an animated GIF.


Create a creative brief that provides an overview of the project, goals, and client details.

Define a stroyboard that demonstrates the motion and action of the lower-thirds bumper.

Design and animate the lower-thirds using fundamentals of animation.


Adobe After Effects | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop

Philadelphia Eagles Lower Thirds Animated Bumper
Final Animated Bumper

The final output of the animated lower-thirds bumper is an animated GIF.

Tools: Adobe After Effects

Philadelphia Eagles lower-thirds creative bumper
Creative Brief

This creative brief offers an overview of the client, goal, target audience, and desired final outputs.

Tools: Adobe InDesign

Philadelphia Eagles One-Tier Lower-Thirds
One-Tier Lower-Thirds Storyboard
Philadelphia Eagles Two-Tier Lower-Thirds
Two-Tier Lower-Thirds Storyboard
Philadelphia Eagles Three-Tier Lower-Thirds
Three-Tier Lower-Thirds Storyboard